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Del Medical X-Ray System

The Del Medical product line can be configured using a variety of different tables, generators, tubestands and chest stands.


Economic considerations have put capital equipment acquisition in a whole new light. Budgetary and reimbursement issues challenge manufacturers to provide systems that have a low cost of ownership. After all, the real cost of an x-ray begins with the purchase price.

Everyday, Del Medical meets this challenge by providing superb clinical reults delivered by a complete line of highly cost effective x-ray systems.


Del Medical's x-ray equipment delivers the ease-of-use, image quality and throughput you expect while priced to work within today's tighter departmental budgets. More than any other products on the market, our general purpose x-ray systems meet both the clinical and economic demends of a new healthcare era.

  • Intuitive controls on Del Medical systems are so simple to use, you may not need the user's manual.
  • Totally integrated systems are available with your choice among generators, wall receptors, tubemounts and other accessories.
  • Choose among the latest in high frequency generator technology with a wide range of kW outputs.
  • Del Medical offers ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted x-ray tubes for maximum clinical versatility


The technological innovations of Del Medical enables our systems to operate with a low life-cycle cost and high productivity. Designed to minimize obsolescence. Del Medical x-ray systems are upgradeable to accomodate digital flat panel technology. Digital technology is just one example of how Del Medical employs the latest tools to develop products that anticipate changing customer demands and industry trends.


Service is never an afterthought with Del Medical. Rather, it is an integral part of the purchasing agreement. You can feel secure knowing that an investment in Del Medical equipment will be backed by a company commitment to maintain the equipment long after installation. Our nationwide dealer network, expertly trained on our product lines, provides prompt service and routine preventive maintenance.


For decades, conventional radiographic systems have been the mainstay of diagnostic imaging at virtually every hospital or medical center. Del Medical has been a leader in thsi market for years - evolving with the changing needs of the industry, providing the most technologically advanced equipment available. Del Medical is the leader it is today for one simple reason -- our customers recognize that we deliver the best return on their investment, system after system.
M1 System Provides Effortless Operation and Increases Productivity

The ruggedly handsome A4000 float-top elevator table features the highest quality lift mechanism designed for effortless patient transfer and positioning. This mechanism, operated by a convenient foot treadle, frees your hands and prevents the table from being inadvertently activated by the patient.

Rugged Yet Versatile Design Prevents Wear, Expands Procedures

The orthopedic tubestand glides smoothly behind the table on precision bearings that travel on wear-resistant steel tracks. Generous track lengths are provided so that the tubestand can extend beyond the table at either end for off-table procedures.

The tube carriage also provides a transverse motion mechanism that enables the operator to position the tube +/- 5" off-center of the table midpoint. A centering detent facilitates precise repositioning of the tube.

A wide range of cross-table procedures can be easily accomplished by rotating the orthopedic tubestand on its vertical axis and utilizing the tube trunnion rings.

The extended tube travel of the orthopedic tubestand eliminates the need for a platform during weight-bearing knee procedures.

Quality & Durability Secures Your Investment

Quality standards of Americomp radiographic systems are unsurpassed by any other x-ray manufacturer, yet they remain affordable choices in today's marketplace. Americomp systems offer the same long-term dependable performance that has become synonymous with the Americomp name. A five-year manufacturer's warranty demonstrates our confidence and secures your investment today ... guarantees your investment value tomorrow.

Unencumbered Motion Expedites Positioning

The Americomp orthopedic wallstand provides a versatile film receptor that may include a stationary fine-line grid or a reciprocating bucky.



AM2 System Provides Value

• Ideal for private office or clinic, this economical system provides all of the benefits of the AM1 system except the elevating table feature.

• This system also includes a handsome four-way float-top table with a precision tabletop bearing system. Cross-table, weight-bearing knees, chest procedures, table work -- all are possible with the full-featured rotational tubestand.

• Also included is the accurately counterbalanced orthopedic wallstand.

• As with the elevator table system, the AM2 four-way system has electric locks on all table and tubestand motions.










Complement either Americomp orthopedic system with your choice from a complete line of high-quality, state-of-the-art generators. See your Americomp dealer for accompanying literature.


This ruggedly constructed table will consistently support patient weights up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for busy clinics with demanding caseloads. Heavy-duty, all-steel construction and an extra-long pedestal create a durable table that will last for years.

• Patient positioning is quick and easy on the flat top table. Its smooth surface means no grooves or ridges for clothes to snag or grime to collect.

• An integrated design provides continuous attachment of the tubestand to the table and requires no modification of office walls or ceilings.

• One feature enables a full range of off-table procedures including stand-knee and ankle. The complete system includes the Americomp Wallstand and your choice of high-performance generators.








The unique off-table tubestand option makes stand-knee and ankle procedures possible on the AM3 system.



This affordable system features a sturdy table that supports loads up to 300 pounds. An extra-long pedestal base adds stability and full bucky travel.

• With a detached floor-to-wall (or to ceiling) tubestand, the AM4 System is capable of a wide range of radiographic procedures including table-top extremities, skull, and abdominal table work.

• When used with the Americomp Wallstand, the system capabilities include standing limbs and chest exams.

• This versatile film receptor may include a stationary fine-line grid or a reciprocating bucky. The cabinet accepts a film cassette tray which accommodates up to a 14" x 17" cassette in either direction.






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