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Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

 Multi-purpose ----- abdominal, urology, GYN, OB, small parts, pediatric, cardiology, orthopaedics

Digital beam-former

Two transducer connectors

Multi-language function with English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese

Multi-frequency transducer series

Max frequency up to 10MHz

TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)

10" non-interlaced monitor

Standard Configurations:

DP-6600 main unit

10" non-interlaced monitor

Two transducer connectors

Multi-language function

256-frame CINE loop

90 images built-in storage

Two USB ports

Measurement & calculation software packages

Electronic convex array transducer: 35C50EA (2.0/3.5/6.0MHz)


Electronic linear array transducer: 75L38EA (5.0/7.5/10MHz)

Electronic linear array transducer: 75L60EA (5.0/7.5/10MHz)

Electronic endocavity transducer: 65EC10EA (5.0/6.5/8.0MHz)

Electronic micro-convex array transducer: 35C20EA (2.0/3.5/6.0MHz)

Electronic micro-convex array transducer: 65C15EA (5.0/6.5/8.0MHz)


Mobile trolley

Needle-guided brackets

Water-resistant footswitch

Hand carried bag

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Multi-frequency Transducers:

35C50EA Convex
Applications: Abdomen, GYN, OB, Urology

75L38EA Linear
Applications: Small Parts

75L60EA Linear
Applications: O
rthopedics, Breast, Musculoskeletal

65EC10EA Endocavity
Application: Endovaginal, Endorectal


                     35C20EA Micro-convex                     Applications: Pediatric, Cardiac



       65C15EA Micro-convex
        Application: Pediatric


Diagnostic Ultrasound System



A New Breakthrough in Speckle Reduction:
iClear Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging
Good Things Come in Small Packages

The launch of Mindray’s new laptop-size ultrasound systems will bring along users worldwide a new era of full functional hand carried ultrasound system.


Ever since its foundation, Mindray has been making best effort in promoting medical technology innovations. In ultrasound, our persistent customer-oriented technologies have offered a family of versatile ultrasound products with extraordinary performance to suit a broad range of clinical applications.

Rely on the high performance

  Weighing approximately 6Kg, delivering a full range of functionality and solid diagnostic confidence

 Brilliant color imaging capability and excellent 2D performance,with impressive THI (tissue harmonic imaging) for better contrast and spatial resolution

 The image homogenization fulfills the whole field of view up to a depth of 30cm

Complete imaging modes: B, M, PW, HPRF, CW, Color, Power and DirPower

iScapeTM View (panoramic imaging) and trapezoidal imaging allow to a wider field of view for better diagnosis

 iBeamTM function, a spatial compounding imaging technology, increases spatial resolution without any compromise in frame rate, thus collecting more useful information to generate higher quality images

iClear TM adaptive speckle suppresion imaging helps to visualize more tissue subtleties to improve diagnostic confidence.                                                                                                          

Bring you an easy scan


Home-based layout and screen display for synchronous navigation

Quickly optimize the image quality with one button iTouchTM (intelligent image optimization) for better whole field grayscale and uniformity

IP (image processing) for balanced parameter groups

Soft keys for easy parameter adjustment and measurement

Active screen parameter adjustment
Take M5 with you anytime and anywhere

Uniquely, with its small size, M5 is easy to transport, boosting its application to more occasions such as ambulances, gymnasiums, operation rooms as well as in the field.

Benefiting from a fast boot up, rechargeable batteries and light-weight multi-frequency transducers, the M5 is ready for scanning wherever and whenever necessary.

Easy storage, fast review and effcient management of patient data can be realized by the intelligent information management platform iStationTM with storage capacity of 80G HDD, the shortcuts and user-defined keys accordingly, supporting off-line analysis of both data and images.  

Moreover, the M5 system integrates seamless network and plug-and-play connectivity such as DICOM, USB ports, DVD-R/W, DVD recorder and so on.




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Diagnostic Ultrasound System




A Compact Design with Exceptional Ergonomics

 The DC-3 is designed with customer’s comfort in mind, thus providing various solutions to relieve operator’s fatigue:

High-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor of wide view angle

Omni directional arm, together with a rotatable and height adjustable control panel

The home based operation panel is designed considerately and logically with intuitive menu adjustment knob array and functional button layout.

The transducers are ergonomically designed with hand-fit shape, light weight, and flexible cable, and can be quickly switched with four transducer sockets.

The USB ports and DVD-R/W are easily accessible, allowing versatile information flow at hand.   



iClear: Adaptive Speckle Suppression Technology

iClear TM, the new breakthrough in speckle reduction from Mindray, can help to visualize more tissue subtleties to improve diagnostic confidence. And meanwhile the operator dependence will be reduced and this will ultimately lead to more efficient patient throughput.




An Easy Scan You Can Rely On

The DC-3 provides the versatility and flexibility through intelligent work flow:

Powerful user-defined presets include imaging parameters, exam mode, measurement items, calculations, shortcut keys, and annotations.

iStation™ for easy and powerful patient data management

iTouchTM: intelligent one button image optimization for both B and PW images 

Report template: images from the exam can be embedded in the Exam Report with programmable templates

                  Before iTouchTM                                                             After iTouchTM

Additional features

4D imaging: offering you the greatest ability to fully view and enhancing the diagnostic accuracy


iBeam™ (Spatial compounding imaging technology) -- increasing spatial resolution without compromising imaging frame rate

THI (Tissue harmonic imaging) -- achieving better contrast and spatial resolution, especially for technically difficult subjects

B steer -- maneuvering the ultrasound beam for better visualization, especially for the needle guided treatment

Trapezoid imaging -- enlarging the field of view with linear probes to show more tissue information

iScape™  View(Panoramic imaging) -- allowing exceptional visualization of anatomical structures and relationships over an extended length of anatomy




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DC-3 4D flyer_v20090506.pdf


Diagnostic Imaging System





The performance you can rely on from Mindray a premium, professional, efficient, ergonomic ultrasound system.

Today’s diagnostic challenges ask for excellent balance between uncompromised diagnostic performance and good affordability.

Mindray offers you the premium color Doppler DC-6 Expert which brings you unexpected productivity and accuracy based on its optimized image processing technologies and packages of clinical solutions. The DC-6 Expert enhances the interactive process connecting sonographers, patients, and the system. The ergonomic design makes a further step to deliver much more efficiency and comfort.


Reliable Clinical Performance

The DC-6 Expert offers excellent performance and versatility for a wide range of clinical applications, bringing you more confidence for any diagnosis than ever before.

Streamlined Intelligent Work Flow

Dedicating to the development of intelligent ultrasound platform, DC-6 Expert provides you the most efficient and streamlined work flow.

Outstanding Ergonomic Design

DC-6 Expert delivers optimal ergonomic design for ultrasound solutions. From intelligent image processing to the omnidirectional TFT monitor, DC-6 Expert is designed to provide as much comfort as you can imagine during scanning.


The professional clinical application you need for confident diagnosis

DC-6 Expert guarantees excellent performance through robust ultrasound imaging capabilities. The system benefits from Mindray’s self-owned technologies which expand it to to much more full-featured applications with surprisingly powerful and easy-to-use functions. DC-6 Expert is created for professional diagnosis in an extraordinary and convenient way.

The intelligent work flow offers efficiency and satisfaction in work

DC-6 Expert is designed to offer more efficient work flow. With a user-friendly interface, DC-6 Expert integrates many image optimization solutions, simplifying exam procedure, reducing repetitive adjustment for greatly increased efficiency and diagnostic confidence. DC-6 Expert is engineered to offer iTouch for the automatic image optimization and IP which can be preset by users for a group of image adjusting parameters.

The optimal ergonomic ultrasound solutions take away all your pressure and suffer from daily scanning

DC-6 Expert is designed with plenty of ergonomic innovations. With an omnidirectional arm suitable for any viewing position, the high resolution and wide angle TFT monitor equipped on medical imaging systems can produce greatest scanning comfort.



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Multi-frequency Tranducers:


       Convex                     Linear                     Phased array               Micro-convex


Intraoperative               Bi-plane                    Endocavity                        Linear  


Intrarectal                         Linear      



Please notice: The quality of images presented on the World Wide Web varies greatly depending on the computer system, monitor, and web browser used to visualize the images. For that reason, Mindray does not recommend that you use the images as shown here to judge the system image quality. Write to Mindray to receive hard copy images for this purpose.


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