DR Models

Taking Digital Radiography to the Next Level





Improve Radiology Workflow

  • Custom Views
  • Generator Control
  • Technique view and change
  • Angle read out
  • Positioning Pre-sets

The freedom to maneuver the hardware allows for optimal flexibility for patient

Mobile Patient Table Standard

examinations; patients can be standing, sitting or in the lying position. The system is laminated structure with a between the x-ray tube and the image patient capacity of 441lbs. receptor, regardless of the angle of the table

  • The Dimensions of the table – image receptor or the u-arm tilt positions. 78.7”L x 25.6”W x 27.6”H
  • The -top composition is a designed to constantly maintain alignment
  • Dual-speed motorized movements

Viztek’s U-Arm DR features user-friendly controls that operate dual speed motorized system makes patient positioning quick,

Power Line Requirements

Line voltage: 208; 230; 240 VAC movements, while the intuitive anti-collision (single phase) - Stand Power Consumption: 1.5 KVA

Three Phase 480v Generator easy, and safe. The ease of use facilitates a more confident diagnosis. Additionally, the patient table allows for the patient to be moved into any required position without the need Superior Image Quality for repositioning.

Viztek U-Arm DR features state-of-the-art functionality for supreme digital imaging. Derived from SmartRAD DR + PACS = MORE Couple the DR technology with Viztek’s enterprise level Opal is continuously adjustable by operator hand control, PACS and enjoy the enhanced workflow of a digital practice. The feature-rich PACS is just another way that Viztek can provide the tools to drive a more efficient imaging facility. images within seconds of exposure.

Advantages of Viztek’s U-Arm DR include superior

Make your move into the digital world today. Let Viztek show inches with a range of tilt

image quality, with greater visualization of soft tissue

you how to do it easily and affordably. Our technology is at +/- 45°

and bones from the same study exposure. The integrated

leading edge. Our support and upgrades are state-of-the-art high density, system of generator console with the workstation in a single unit improves productivity and decreases the chance of operator error. With image display within 3 seconds of exposure, the DR enables high-throughput performance, enhancing practice workflow. The DuraRAD-QSL detector enclosure keeps the panel safe,

The X-Ray Generator is compact and can supply 50-80kWenhancing image quality, increasing its longevity, and assuring system stability. The system’s x-ray detector has a 17” x 17” matrix and a 14 bit dynamic range pixel size.

The Collimator features linear laser beam with light field indicator for optimal patient positioning.

General Radiographic System Ceiling Suspension Tube Stand Fully Automatic, Auto-Position Elevating Table

The Viztek Dual Detector DR is an integrated system for all conventional radiographic applications in combination with a high-frequency generator, radiographic table, and wall bucky.

The system has been designed focusing on flexibility and friendly use. It can also be configured depending on your exact clinical requirements.

Ceiling Suspension Tube Stand Fully Automatic

The heavy-duty x-ray tube overhead support system is characterized by its simple and functional design. With its new light weight design, it guarantees highly precise positioning for an optimal radiographic result.


Thanks to its vertical and horizontal displacements, the OTC can cover almost all the volume of the room in which it is installed.

The new OTC support system can operate on a horizontal or vertical bucky, or be installed with an elevating table.

Taking Digital Radiography to the Next Level

Positioning precision and speed. Fully electronic self positioning.

Plug in and modular electrical assemblies to facilitate the installation, calibration and maintenance.

X-Ray support with 360º vertical and horizontal rotation.

For the fully automatic ceiling suspension version there are two different motorized automatic movement’s,

Auto-Tracking and Auto-Positioning.

Auto-Positioning: Pre-configured positioning can be selected from the control station with two options:

  • Auto-Positioning with the Radiographic table: The suspension automatically positions itself above the table according to the SID specified during the configuration
  • Auto-Positioning with the Wall-Stand: The suspension automatically positions itself in front of the vertical bucky or receptor according to the SID specified during configuration

Auto-Tracking: There are two tracking movements of the tube with respect to the receptor and bucky.

  • Tracker with Auto-Tracking: Starting from a standard position, auto-tracking is carried out according to the position of the receptor throughout all of its axes, maintaining the relative initial geometry (spatial orientation).
  • Tracker: From any position in which the primary beam of the X-rays cuts the detector, the auto-tracking will be limited, without angulations when the selected workstation button is pressed. There are two possible combinations.

Suspension Overhead Tube Crane (OTC) with Wall Stand: When manually moving the receptor, the suspension will move to the requested SID in parallel until it is centered with the bucky. If this is done while in tilting, the OTC will maintain the vertical and perpendicular SID constant by rotating around the receptor.

Suspension OTC with Table: Both receptor and suspension operate by motorized movement followed by auto-centering.


Control console:

  • Indicator for SID
  • Indicator rotation angle
  • Indicator for position on the horizontal axis
  • Indicator of patient information
  • Indicator for the tracking (bucky or table)
  • Indicator for the auto-centering
  • Indicator for the auto-positioning
  • Status information
  • Workstation used
  • Access to the anatomical programmer
  • Indicator for type of study with generator parameters (mA, mAs, Kvp, AEC)

Push buttons for unlocking the brakes for all movements, vertical, horizontal, transversal and angulations, as well as one in the handle to release all the motors.

Made of aluminum fixed rails (assembled in the ceiling) and a bridge that moves longitudinally along the rails

  • From 132.2 in. to 236.22 in. longitudinal
  • From 78.74 in. to 135.83 in. transversal

Radiographic Elevating Table


  • Four-way floating table top with electromagnetic brakes
  • Table top dimensions 87 in. long x 25 in. wide
  • Flat composite carbon fiber table top to increase patient comfort while reducing its x-ray dose (0.65mm Al at 100 kVp)
      • Longitudinal 43.11 in.
      • Transversal 9.84 in.
    • Table top movement:
  • Patient loading capacity 660 lbs.
  • Minimum floor-table distance 21.65 in.
  • Maximum floor-table distance 35.43 in.
  • Longitudinal detector travel 24.02 in.
  • Detector pull-out from table

Dimensions are subject to change

Tilting Wall Stand Vertical Motorization Auto-Position

System possibility of Auto-tracking and Auto-Positioning with the ceiling suspension

  • Tilting wall stand
  • Tilting angles +90º/-20º & rotation 90º
  • Motorized vertical travel 59.06 in.
  • Minimum floor distance 15.75 in.
  • Maximum floor distance 74.8 in.
  • Motorized vertical travel
  • Fully counterbalanced for manual positioning
  • Adaptations for digital flat panel instead of standard bucky

Also available in single detector configuration—as pictured

features and benefits

  • Patient Side Control
  • Generator Control
  • Auto-positioning Control
  • Off-center Imaging
  • 17 x 17 imaging
  • Stitching
  • AEC
  • Collision Sensors
  • Angle Read-out
  • Single/Dual Grid
  • The Del Medical DRV offers the utmost in technologist efficiency patient comfort and the most flexible configuration choices in radiographic systems. Start with an exceptionally easy to position ceiling tubemount, a robust elevatin 4-way float top table, a vertical wall stand,and your choice of high frequency generators. Combine with a single or dual panel digital radiographic detector solution or you can choose a film/screen system and upgrade to digital in the future as your budget permits.

    The DRV optional configurations and digital upgrade path help to protect your investment and enable your system to grow as your needs change. 

    Precision - Accurate positioning is easy with laser light collimation and a super speed bucky to produce the optimal diagnostic image

    Durability - A true hospital grade system that provides the ruggedness and longevity you need for your busy department

    Simplicity - DRV is aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally simple to use. Designed with the technologist and patient in mind, the system delivers improved radiographic productivity and flexiblitity




    Viztek DR

    Viztek now offers a complete direct radiography (DR) solution

    In conjunction with Viztek's Opal-PACS, our new DR offering is advanced, effective, and quick. Enhance your workflow with superior image quality.The new line of Viztek DR solutions use integrated flat panel detectors to provide a superior imaging experience over standard analog film or CR. Viztek's DR offers advanced image quality and full DICOM functionality allowing for the most efficient workflow.

    The DR solution (powered by CMT's SmartRAD) offers an intuitive user-friendly console with state-of-the-art connectivity. DICOM-compatibility allows the new DR to work seamlessly with the tested Web-based Opal-RAD PACS. X-ray parameters for exposure, review, post-processing operations and filming can be controlled from a single console.


    • - Industry-leading Pixium 4600 flat-panel detector
    • - DuraRAD-QSL™ enclosure for exceptional image quality
    • - Rapid - 4 second period from exposure to image display
    • - Integrated console for generator and digital acquisition
    • - Intuitive touch screen interface
    • - Anatomical Programmable Radiography (APR)
    • - CMT proprietary Rhapsody image processing for unsurpassed image quality
    • - Wide range of image review and processing tools
    • - DICOM 3.0 Connectivity: store, print, worklist


    • - 17"x17" (43cm x43cm) active image
    • - 143μm pixel size
    • - 3,072 x 3,072 detector element matrix
    • - Very high DQE, ensuring excellent image quality
    • - 14-bit dynamic range

    Viztek's DR is offered in both single and dual detector configurations, as a complete integrated digital solution, and also as a retrofit system for those with existing x-ray units.

    Single detector configurations are available in an upright system for chests, as well as a U-arm for a full range of exams. Tthe dual detector is offered to cover the entire range of radiographic exams. Retrofit solutions are offered in single and dual configurations.


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