Go Digital With OPAL-MD

Your facility can now enjoy the countless benefits of digital radiography without experiencing a financial burden. The cost of processing just 8 studies a day can amount to the cost of taking your practice into the digital world. Retire your chemical processor and provide your facility with Viztek's premier CR coupled with the OPAL PACS software for superior image management.


  • High Speed CR
  • Exam room viewing software
  • CD burning and paper print functions
  • Auto Image routing and film printing
  • Multimodality, multi vendor functionality and compatibility
  • Importing CDs from outside facilities
  • Scan documents into exams
  • Training and 24/7 support for hardware and software components
  • Disaster Recovery plan to archive images automatically at Vizteks offsite location
  • Eliminate the cost associated with processing film
System Includes
  • Viztek Opal CR unit
  • 4 cassettes w/plates
  • Opa-RAD radiology viewing software
  • 2 extra viewer licenses
  • DICOM Send, DICOM Print, Image Server
  • 20" 2MP flat panel LCD monitor 1600 x 1200
  • Exam room viewing software
  • Tower Mini Server/Workstation with 500 GB RAID 1

Viztek delivers an advanced workstation to seamlessly integrate clinic workflow while encompassing a powerful suite of digital tools. The system boasts a fully integrated patient database and imaging and communication system. Bundle opal viewing software and server/workstation hardware for the input, display, and storage of images from the modality of your choice. The result is a system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, without exhausting your budget.

Now add our new viztek CR to complete your digital bundle. the easy to use tabletop CR can produce 56 plates per hour while producing crisp image quality. Retire your chemical processor and provide your facility with viztek's premiere CR coupled with Opal-Chiro PACS software for superior image management.

Chrio Specific PACS Tool-set

  •  AtlasOrthogonal Analysis
  • Gonstead measurements
  • Upper Cervical Analysis
  • George's Lines
  • LLium Analysis
  • Line Drawing
  • Measuring
  • Angles (Regular, Cobb)
  • Cervical Curve
  • Lumbar Curve

CR Specs

  •  Single Cassette Feed
  • 4 Cassettes Includes
  • Opal Front-End Viewing Software
  • Data Acquisition: 20 bits/pixel
  • Pixel Matrix Size:3480x4248
  • 14x17 cassette size: 10 pixels/mm
  • Power Requirement:120v/60Hz
  • Dimension:27.2 x 27.6 x 18.x2
  • Exam room viewing software
  • Multi modality, multi vendor compatibility
  • CD burning and paper print functions
  • Auto routing and film printing
  • importing cds from the outside facilities
  • Scan documents into exams
  • Training and 24/7support for hardware and software components
  • Disaster recovery auto archive images to viztek off site location
Discover a More Efficient and Profitable Workflow Today with Viztek’s Opal-RIS.

Dictation and Transcription

Whether onsite or remotely over the Web, dictate reports right into your RIS patient files for access by your transcriptionist. Our advanced software also provides an easy interface for voice recognition to automate the entire exam reporting process, from start to finish. You can even sign off with a digital signature.

Report Delivery

Forget time consuming printing and manual faxing. Opal-RIS automates report delivery to referring physicians, specialists, or others, speeding information where it needs to go. Opal-RIS can utilize comprehensive patient and referring physician information from your other applications, combine it with your study reports and deliver it automatically and efficiently by fax or email, saving your busy staff hours each day.O



Enjoy a new level of efficiency with Viztek's optional integrated Opal-Billing module, which delivers full electronic filing compliance and shares the same database as our RIS/PACS. Opal-RIS is also fully compatible with your current billing application.

Facility Reporting

Step up referrals, productivity and profits using our comprehensive facility reporting feature. Who are your major referrers? Are your modalities being used to capacity? How efficient is your workflow at a specific site or across multiple locations? Take advantage of our automatic reporting to track these and other important issues. Analyze trends and build your business.

The Vizek Value Proposition

Our technology is leading edge. Our support and upgrade policy are state-of-the-art. Make your move into the digital world easily and affordably with Viztek.

Opal-Ris Essential features

  • Patient registration and scheduling
  • Modality Worklist provisioning
  • Report dictation, with transcription integration
  • Report distribution by fax or email
  • Document scanning for paperless workflow
  • Facilities reporting for detailed business analysis
  • Seamless single-database integration with Opal-RAD PACS
  • Integration with most third-party healthcare IT applications, from HIS to billing
  • Comprehensive Viztek training and support
  • Optional customizations
The premier application in the Opal-RAD suite of digital radiology software tools, Professional Workstation combines an intuitive exam listing screen with a state-of-the-art diagnostic-quality medical image viewer.

Specialized tools for the Opal-RAD Kodak POC scanners include a proprietary "Unsharp Masking" image refinement tool that enhances the quality of the Kodak POC images. Also included are measurement and annotation tools, CD-burning archive capability, and DICOM sending features.

Available integration with a central Opal-RAD Server or stand-alone operation as an acquire station with a secondary capture device. Telerad configurations available for doctors "on the go."

24/7 Technical Support and On-site Training available.

Professional Workstation requirements:

  • minimum cpu: Intel Pentium 3 at 1.0 GHz

  • recommended cpu: Intel Pentium 4

  • minimum RAM: 512 MB

  • recommended RAM: 1 GB

  • Windows 2000 operating system

  • 20 GB hard disk drive

CD-Burning requires a CD Writer drive and appropriate CDR media. 16x-24x speed is recommended.

Communication with other systems (e.g., to transfer exams) requires a network connection, such as ethernet or modem.

For high quality paper printing, a laser printer is recommended.

For Acquire Station configurations, a secondary capture device (e.g., a film or plate scanner) is required.

For TeleRAD configurations, one of the following is required:

  • constant Internet connection with static IP

  • modem and dedicated phone line(s)

cription. Opal-RAD’s dictation module even integrates with Dragon Speech 9 for hands-free voice recognition.

Built-in MIP and MPR on-the-fly

MPR and MIP capabilities, including full measurement tools, are available to all users via the Opal-RAD product suite. No need for a dedicated 3D workstation. The advanced application even allows archiving of 3D snapshots for future use.

Drive Your Business

Our technology is leading edge. Our support and upgrade policy are state-of-the-art. Make your move into the digital world easily and affordably with Viztek.

Opal-RAD now offers M*Modal Voice Recognition. The features’ benefits include, context recognition— recognizing entire phrases rather than individual words increases accuracy. In addition, no formatting commands are necessary; saving time on separating headings from body content, declaring bold, italics, etc. The system also allows the user to adjust the level of trust to ensure acceptance by new users, while maintaining the highest accuracy in reporting.


Advanced Functionalities and Features


  • View images from any Web-enabled PC with full DICOM 3.0 functionality.
  • State-of-the-art DICOM viewer delivers powerful, intuitive workstation functionality with high-resolution multi-monitor support.
  • Integrated Web-based dictation and voice recognition systems enable report creation anywhere.
  • Single data repository for RIS, PACS and Web ensures exam delivery for seamless record integration in a clinical setting.
  • Streaming technology optimizes data transmission based on available bandwidth to eliminate network bottlenecks and speed image delivery.
  • Multi-modality, multi-vendor functionality and compatibility.
  • Modality Worklist support.
  • Quality Control (Q/C) functionality.
  • Push/pull technology for flexibility and speed.
  • CD burning, DICOM routing and DICOM print functions.
  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) for flexible archiving as data ages.
  • Cost-effective enterprise-wide orthopedic solution based on a single server that manages complete image distribution and remote data backup.
  • RIS report integration using industry standard HL7 protocols for flexible integration with most other medical information systems.
  • MIP and MPR on-the-fly.

    A state-of-the-art Web-based PACS, Opal-ORTHO offers the full range of advanced features

    Opal-ORTHO's thin-client architecture requires only an Internet connection and browser to turn any standard PC into a diagnostic workstation. The results are significant cost savings over proprietary PACS hardware and the flexibility to work anywhere.

    Opal-ORTHO supports a full range of modalities and seamlessly integrates with other software systems through DICOM, HL7 and Microsoft.NET architecture.

    Pre-Operative Planning
    Viztek's innovative pre-operative planning module enables selection and storage of key patient images from multiple exams into a single surgical planning patient file. Templating and other relevant surgical information also can be merged into this customizable file.

    Integrated Templating
    Opal-ORTHO offers digital surgical templates for fracture treatment, joint replacement and deformity correction procedures. Manipulate synthetic and prosthetic system templates and digital orthopedic images to develop precise surgical plans in advance of procedures. Streamline your time in the operating room. Complete template sets for major manufacturers are included.

    Specialized Tools
    Opal-ORTHO provides a full range of precise measuring tools and related features. These include distance, angle and Cobb angle measurements as well as spine labeling. Our sophisticated image viewer also provides a comprehensive selection of standard tools, such as window/level, zoom and magnify.

    Advanced Functionalities and Features
    • Pre-Operative Planning Module
    • Integrated Templating
    • Distance Measurements
    • Angle Measurements
    • Cobb Angle Measurements
    • Spine Labeling
    • EMR Integration
    • Automatic Alerts Linking Prior Exams
    • Complete Support for Multiple Facilities
    • Automatic Offsite Archive for full HIPPA Compliance
    • Automated Patient Filter Designed for Multi-Physician Practices
    • Patient Demographic Interface with Modalities

    Web Server capability enables you to access images from anywhere in the world.


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